Published on 10 October 2022

BModesto Group has purchased certain of the business and assets of Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited. To keep Doncaster’s long history intact, the BModesto Group is relaunching the business in the UK under the name Doncaster Pharma Limited. Founded more than 35 years ago, Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited was one of the UK’s leading parallel import companies. The acquisition includes several experienced staff members, warehousing facilities and all product licenses for the importation of prescription pharmaceuticals from European Union member states which were licensed under Doncaster Pharmaceutical Group Limited, B.R. Lewis Pharmaceuticals Limited and Landmark Pharma Limited.

General Director of the BModesto Group, Michael Hendriks, is very pleased with the acquisition. “The acquisition fits perfectly with our mission to improve the availability, accessibility and affordability of medicines around the world. After the successful launch of our brand ‘SynCo pharma’ in Germany and following the purchase by Doncaster Pharma Limited we are represented in three of the largest markets for parallel importing of European pharmaceuticals. With Doncaster’s warehousing facilities in the UK, we can also facilitate storage and distribution for all our other businesses.”

With the addition of Doncaster Pharma, the fast-growing BModesto Group from Lelystad now has five subsidiaries operating in various disciplines within the healthcare sector.