Rachael Hill
Quality and Regulatory Director

Rachael Hill studied a Master of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield and has
worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2009.

Rachael started working for Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited in
February 2014, shortly after she gained Qualified Person Status.

Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited were a parallel import manufacturer and
she began work as the QA Manager/Lead QP, and was later promoted to Site Director whilst retaining the Lead QP part of her role. During her time, she became an
integral part of the BAEPD working group for implementing EU FMD and
played a major part in designing, validating and piloting the FMD software
developed by Melior Solutions Limited.  

In February 2021 she was then promoted to Group Quality Director/Lead RP for the Converse Pharma Group overseeing the quality across two businesses
who conducted wholesaling activities alongside maintaining quality oversight of the Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited business.  

Following the acquisition by the BModesto Group she joined Doncaster Pharma
Ltd as the Quality and Regulatory Director.

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